Seven Home Selling Tips

Selling home can be a daunting task; however, with these tips, you will find that selling your home is a little smoother.  

Hire the right agent

This is the most important seller tip there is.  You can really stop after reading this because hiring the right agent will save you a lot of time and stress.  Sometimes homeowners think that they can sell their home themselves.  This was much easier during the recent pandemic because there was a shortage of inventory.  However, now the market is shifting.  It’ll be even more difficult to sell.  

According to, For Sale by Owner (FSBO) homes accounted for only 7% of home sales in 2020.  They also sold for much less than those sold by agents.  FSBOs sold for an average of $298,000 while agent-assisted homes sold for $318,000.  What could you do with that extra $20,000?  I could think of many things- vacations, upgrading your car, home repairs, college tuition… The list goes on.

Curb Appeal

This is very important when thinking of selling your home.  Many home owners make 

their decisions by just looking at the curb appeal.  Now, if your home is being sold as an investment property, the buyer may overlook this.  If not, you definitely need to make sure your lawn is mowed.  Trim shrubs, dead flowers, and trees.  Take out excess weeds and mulch flower beds.  This step is like when you go to a job interview.  You want to give a great first impression on your potential buyers.

Make sure home has curb appeal to sell

Remove excess furniture (if occupied)

Removing excess furniture is vital to getting your home sold.  Yes, buyers are 

encouraged to look at homes as if they were empty; however, sometimes they can not see past clutter.  If the home is well organized and decorated, buyers will be able to see how they can change items.  

Remove unnecessary clutter from rooms

Remove religious or offensive artifacts 

You may very well be attached to religious artifacts; however, if you want to get your 

homes sold fast- remove them.  Also, consider removing any potential offensive items.  Removing these will help your home to appeal to a broader audience of people.  Depersonalizing your home is essential to getting it sold.  Yes, that may be hard to hear.  But if you’re selling your home, it will eventually no longer be yours. Remember to consult your Real Estate Professional when trying to decide on what to keep or remove.


Consider hiring a stager

Professional staging may be necessary.  Professional stagers have a keen sense of 

style and know what it takes to get a home sold.  They organize furniture, add or remove decorations, and remove clutter.  After all, professional stagers do this everyday, so you should consider them.


Hire Professional Photographers

Have you ever seen homes that looked like the photos were taken from a Motorola 

Razr in the 2020s.  Hiring professional photographers to capture your home is essential because you want to showcase your asset in the best light.  Some real estate professionals include professional photography in their marketing budget. Yes, your iPhone takes great pictures, and that infamous Rise filter on Instagram may have made you look good on your recent beach vacation.  But they won’t work on your home.  If potential buyers don’t see good quality photos of your home online, they probably won’t take the time to book a showing.  Get a great photographer.

Hire a professional photographer to sell home

Remove pets during showings

Many of us love our fur babies, but someone visiting your home may not.  Imagine 

visiting your future home only to get attacked by a dog.  Okay a bit dramatic, but potential buyers may have this point of view.  Having strangers in your home will not only make potential home buyers uncomfortable but also can cause your four-legged family members distress.

Remove pets from home to sell

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